Minerva Rescue Squad visits Minerva Central School

MINERVA - Minerva Rescue Squad ambulance 890 arrived at Minerva Central School in Olmstedville, early in the afternoon Monday, May 23, but it wasn't an emergency medical services call. The ambulance and its crew were there to visit with students from pre-K to grade four to talk and work with them about safety, emergency services, and some pretty neat equipment used by the squad members.

For instance, the squad brought a small machine called the Rad-57 to the third and fourth grades, and each student got a chance to check their own pulse.

Third grader Jasmine Jenks seemed to think this small and very useful piece of equipment was pretty neat.

"I really liked the thing that reads your pulse and oxygen," she said.

Another third grader, Audrey Fish, said that she really loved the splints that the kids got a chance to work with.

"The zap machine didn't look like fun," offered third grader Vince Charbonneau, referring to the Automated External Defibrillator that they got a chance to check out (but not demonstrate!).

Whether listening to their own heart beats with a stethoscope, watching a heart rhythm on a cardiac monitor, or taking a tour of the ambulance, the students at Minerva Central School had a good chance to see and hear what emergency medical services is all about.

Thanks to Minerva Central School teachers grades pre-K through four, Principal Heidi Kelly, and the kids for welcoming the rescue squad folks into the school. Participants from the Minerva Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad included Karen Wright, Greg Wright, Cameron Dubay, Mike Corey, Pete McNally, and Katelynn McNally.

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