On Garnet Lake Road Saturday, no one could get out, the road was out by Pratt's pond, about 20 to 30 feet of road was gone by the old Wescott sawmill, then the bridge once again washed away at the Sky Hi Rd. entrance - one side of the road collapsed by the Garnet Lake/Henry Wescott intersection; Hershey's Pond once again overflowed, and by the Mud Pond intersection, a car and boat were washed off the road.

And this paragraph just describes the fate of only one road. Other roads that had similar problems, including washouts and bridges swept away, were: South Johnsburg Road near Hubert's Cemetery, Dippikill Road, Willie J. Baker Road, Valley Road, High St., Hall Mountain Road, Sky Hi Road, Mud St., Glen-Athol Road, Don Potter Road, Buyce Road, River Road, and more.

Many roads through town looked like stream beds rather than roadways after the flooding subsided.

Work crews from not only Thurman but from around the region have been working around the clock getting at least one lane passable on each road.

Many neighbors have been offering their help, and one man has been using his heavy equipment to clear paths for those who were stranded.

School was closed on Tuesday, May 31 for the children who were isolated by the storm. Church on Sunday had few people attending - only those who could get out of their driveways or were near the churches without washouts between them and the sanctuary.

Many of us missed our newspaper and mail deliveries. One lady said she felt like they were stranded on an island.

No one can guess when we will have our bridge restored. Maybe as long as two weeks, I hear.

Personal news

Wedding anniversaries to remember include: Brian and Diane Angell, 23 years on June 11. Happy belated 40th anniversary wishes go out to Ed and Sally Drexel.

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