Severe weather, good neighbors

As June rolls in with very warm temperatures - the high 80s, has everyone dared to pack away the winter clothes yet? Last week, the mercury plunged to near freezing - and we had our woodstoves burning to take off the early morning chill - shortly after some hot days.

Many neighbors had their flower arrangements ready to put on various cemeteries - before the bridges and roads washed away in what was the worst flooding of a lifetime.

Thanks go out to all the good friends and neighbors who stepped up to help out during the unbelievable flooding, bridge washouts and road closings.

Food, transportation and reconstruction help was offered to those who were in need. A special Thank You goes out from Ed and Sally Drexel to all of the family, friends and neighbors who stepped in to help them when their place was surrounded by water. Their driveway can now be used, for which they are grateful.

Thoughts on our great flood

I could fill the whole paper by writing about the storm and its aftermath.

The television weather channel warned of the usual bad weather for us, as they had been for a week - so we in Thurman went about our normal routine.

But in the night when we were all sleeping, we were awakened Thursday night with thunder and lightning like we had never seen before. The lightning was a continuing rolling effect with no letup, and it kept flashing until daylight.

The electric power went out at about 1:15 Friday morning, and it was a chore for me getting hooked up to a big oxygen tank while it was out for about two hours.

Friday and Saturday were filled with downpours, and thunderstorms continued through Friday night and into Saturday. Rain came down fast and furious, with some hailstones mixed in. Rivers and brooks overflowed, knocking bridges out on many local roads.

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