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Signs of stroke - React fast!

The Cincinnati Stroke Scale is used by EMTs to identify a stroke. The acronym FAST is for quick identification of stroke symptoms, and is good information to help diagnose the person in your care.

F FACE - Facial Droop: Have the person smile or show teeth. Is the smile even or lop-sided?

Normal: Both sides of the face move equally or not at all.

Abnormal: One side of the patients's face droops.

A ARM - Motor Weakness: Check for arm drift: close eyes, extend arms, palms up

Normal: Arms remain extended equally, or drift equally or do not move at all.

Abnormal: One arm drifts down when compared with the other.

S SPEECH - Have the person repeat, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

Normal: The phrase is repeated clearly and correctly.

Abnormal: Words are slurred, abnormal, or they can't speak.

T TIME - Last seen Normal: This is important in determining the type of treatment they receive.

The FAST test is a helpful tool that people can use to reduce the time to treatment, because time lost is brain lost.

Bone health tips

Research shows that there are several ways to take care of your bone health.

* Get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet at every age.

* Be physically active.

* Reduce hazards in your home that could increase your risk of falling.

* Talk with your doctor about medicines you are taking that could increase your risk for osteoporosis.

* If you are over 50 and break a bone, ask your doctor to screen you for osteoporosis.

(Taken from News in Health NIH)

Rough up your diet

Fiber- you know it's good for you. But if you're like many Americans, you don't get enough. In fact, most of us get less than half the recommended amount of fiber each day.

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