Student's trip to China a learning experience

As stated before, I did not feel endangered or threatened while I was in Beijing, China; in fact I felt safer there than in any other city I have ever been. China still holds a one child policy, but the sort of sexism that evolved because of favoring males over females, is starting to fade away. "I have a little girl and my husband and I both love her very much.," I remember our tour guide, nicknamed "Sunny," saying to us.

For many, China may not feel like a place where they would want to spend their vacation. Yet right now, it is cheaper to go to China than to a place like Italy or Greece, for example, and you would not be disappointed. The American perspective of China is generally negative. Americans like to come up with horror stories to fear or not to visit China. China does have many gray aspects to its countries history, but really are they that much different than some of our own countries dark history? In China education is a privilege, not a right; child offenders are killed and lifestyles are built around tradition and folklore.

Whether or not you find these facts to be positive or negative, depends on your opinion, but there is one thing for certain, and I know this may sound clich but, I think we can really learn from each other.

Patrick Lonergan is a Ticonderoga High School senior who recently visited China.

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