Multiple financial problems face the U.S.

Well, my observation has been that when the rich have money, they spend it. This helps our economy and creates jobs.If the rich invest their money, it helps others by having money available in banks for loans so you buy a house, a car, send a child to college, etc.

If the U.S. government taxes the rich even more, where will all this money go? It goes to a bottomless pit where the same people that got us in debt in the first place will get to use it.

Will these folks spend less of the rich's tax payments? Most likely this will not reduce the taxes of the middle class.

Needless to say, that the majority that wants to tax the rich are not the ones being taxed.

The same U.S. Congress that got us in this fiscal mess should take a 10 percent pay cut, plus cut their staffs 9 percent-the present rate of unemployment-to see what it is like to lay off employees, just like the rest of American business has done.

And how about taking the money left over from legislators political campaign funds and use it to reduce the national debt? This action will also start every new campaign on an even playing field.

Elected officials have given billions of dollars in aid throughout the world; so what about the homeless, the veterans, senior citizens, and others, here in the USA?

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