Multiple financial problems face the U.S.

Many fiscal problems face our nation.

For example:Could you explain how a larger U.S. government work force will help our economy?

Not having an academic degree in finance, my understanding is that public employee salaries and benefits are generally better than the private sector. These are paid-in full-by taxpayers, meaning higher taxes.

Here's a suggestion to cut costs and relive the burden on taxpayers:How about a simple 5 percent reduction of the government work force(don't replace the retiring workers).

The issue of entitlement is also a hot topic.

Any references to Social Security should not be included because those collecting S.S. funds paid into it the program for years. It is something like the T.V. commercial: "It's my money and I want it now!"

On matters financial, there's never a mention of the cost of public assistance or anything about the high cost of illegal immigration. Meanwhile, Social Security is going broke so legislators want to raise the age to collect.

The way to fix some of these vexing problems is to have the legislators receive the same benefits that the rest of us receive.

Legislators are receiving better benefits, and they work less than the average private-sector worker.

The job of a Washington politician should be a maximum of 12 years (two terms in the U.S. Senate or six in the U.S. House or a combination thereof). Next step is to release these folks into the real world of laws and regulations they helped create-let them live in it, like the rest of us.

Another problem: after one year on the job, legislators get paid for life. Where can I sign up? (Is it true that the children of legislators do not have to pay back their student loans?)

Now what about the cry we hear to tax-the-rich even more?

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