Turning Back the Pages 1-29-11

Prosperity coming our way?

The biggest engineering feat ever attempted in this region since the Spire Falls Dam, is being planned by a number of New York capitalists who propose to build a big dam on the Hudson River at Riverside. They have already purchased land along the stream for several miles and as soon as other now pending real estate deals are closed, work will be commenced on the big structure and this will be followed by the erection of manufacturing plants which are rumored to be a big electrical plant and mills for making cereals.

The proposed place for the dam is known as the Spruce Mountain Riffs and there is a drop of about fifty feet which with the erection of a large dam will furnish enormous power for the operation of big mills. The river runs through a valley between towering mountains for several miles. A big lake will be created by backing up the flow of water between the mountains. The proposed site of the dam is about a mile from the Riverside railroad depot and between the towns of Chester and Johnsburgh. This will be a big boon for the north country as well as to give employment to a large number of men. (Note: As we all know, the dam was never built, and this stretch of the Hudson River, site of the annual Whitewater Derby, runs its natural course.)

Noted area surveyor Hiram Philo dies

The familiar figure of Hiram Philo with his silk hat, which he wore on all occasions, will be seen no more on the streets of Glens Falls. He died Friday, Feb. 3, 1911 at the age of 87 years after a career of half a century as a surveyor, during which time he surveyed and laid out what is now nearly the entire city of Glens Falls. He was also the surveyor of the old school. He had no C.E. degree but he had practical mathematics under that silk hat and his computations were seldom questioned.

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