Throwaway Pups 1-29-11

Hope everyone is staying warm in these frigid temperatures. The animals are not liking it one bit! This week we are featuring Dixie, a 5-month-old black lab/boxer mix. Dixie's sister was adopted two months ago however no one has come for Dixie yet. She is a very sweet girl, who gets along with all animals and humans of all sizes. She is house trained, fully vetted, spayed, and micro-chipped with 30 days pet insurance.

Did you know about Black Dog Syndrome? Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon that is well known to shelter workers and rescue organizations across the nation. Black dogs are much more difficult to find homes for. They are the last dogs to find homes and often among the first to be euthanized.

Many people that are not involved in dog rescue have a hard time believing that black dogs are so much harder to place than dogs of other colors. Some people think that Black Dog Syndrome doesn't exist at all.

A dog's coat color has no effect on the dog's temperament and personality. Black dogs are just as playful and loving and fun as dogs of other colors. When adopting your next best friend, please be aware that Black Dog Syndrome is real and you may have a tendency to overlook the black dogs. Take a second look and make an effort to see ALL of the dogs available. Don't walk out of the shelter thinking that there is no dog for you because you overlooked the black dogs. Make your decision based solely on the dog that will be the best fit for your family regardless of the color of his coat.

Throwaway Pups currently has seven black pups, and maybe one can be your new best friend. Check them out at www.throwawaypupsrescue.org.

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