Thoughts on prayers

By nothing, that means I don't turn their station on, I don't involve myself in conversations about their shows and what "wild and outlandish" thing they did this week. I don't let my kids listen to them while I have influence on them and hope that my example will lead them to do the same. So, my doing nothing makes them "nothing" in my world.

Why do people feel that everyone must enjoy the same things and that all prayers, speech and art must conform? They shouldn't. I have heard all sorts of prayers from all sorts of people, and as far as I'm concerned, they're all good ones.

Just because I don't like what someone on the radio is saying doesn't mean that someone else isn't cracking up or really interested in that host's political views.

In short, this push to censor and streamline is trying to turn us into robots with no sense of personal worth or thought, but rather making us a collective of ideas. Please stop it, because you're not going to win.

So, when the county board says the invocation, I will bow my head, close my eyes and listen to what is being said. You can do nothing and my guess is you'll be just as happy when it is over and there will be no lightning bolts coming from the skies because you didn't listen.

Just do nothing.

Keith Lobdell is the editor of the Valley News. He can be reached at keith@denpubs.com

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