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Eat more fiber

Why should I eat more fiber? Fiber can improve your health in three ways:

* It helps your colon work better

* It reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer

* It may help lower your cholesterol level

Men over 50 years of age should get 30 grams of fiber per day; women over 50 should get 21 grams per day.

I don't want to start eating healthy food. How can I get more fiber without changing my diet completely?

You don't have to change your diet all at once. Try making one small change at a time. For example, if you eat two slices of white toast for breakfast, replace one of them with a slice of whole grain bread. If you drink orange juice every day, eat an orange instead for three days of the week. If you prefer salty snacks, try low-fat popcorn instead of potato chips. Some people find it helpful to focus on adding a single high-fiber food at each meal or snack time.

Foods rich in fiber:

* Unprocessed wheat bran

* Unrefined breakfast cereals

* Whole wheat and rye flours

* Grainy breads, such as whole wheat, rye or pumpernickel * Fresh fruits, such as apples, berries and pears

* Dried fruits, such as prunes, apricots and figs

* Vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots and green peas

* Legumes, such as chickpeas, baked beans and navy beans

Fruits and vegetables are a great healthy addition to your diet. Not only are they high in fiber, but they are also high in other vitamins and minerals.

(Taken from Newsletter)

Chilly winter problems

People with COPD need to be extremely aware of avoiding viral, bacterial, parasitic, and fungal lung infections. Lung infections will make COPD symptoms much worse: more short of breath, cough more, and have even less energy. Once infected, it is more likely that the infection will progress to pneumonia.

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