The Shadow Scorpion

According to the recently published autobiography of Vermont author White Wolf Von Atzingen, U.S. CIA agents are tracking the lives of selected American youth; their mission: prepare these individuals for nefarious, stealth tasks in foreign and domestic espionage and mayhem. Titled "Shadow Scorpion: Memoirs of an Assassin," the Starksboro, Vt.-based author tells the fantastic story of how he was abducted by the so-called secret government and trained in elite and shadowy methods of assassination.

Readers of Von Atzingen's book may have to suspend their disbelief as they become fully engaged in this true life thriller.

Von Atzingen claims, cover-to-cover, it's all true. In the end, the reader will have to take his word for it to go along for the amazing ride.

Given the first name White Wolf by his post-Woodstock hippy parents homesteading in Pennsylvania, Von Atzingen said he wrote the tell-all book to heal.

"I have lived a life of extreme struggles against all odds with a broken state of

consciousness," he said. "I have survived many trials and experiences that can only be described as a living hell."

In one case, the author reports being poisoned and later recovering in a Colorado hospital; he emerged from the bizarre ordeal with only vague memories of what actually happened.

Beginning life in the Appalachian woodlands of Pennsylvania, Von Atzingen became a solitary youth and was drawn to living close to nature. He claims that he was kidnapped by government agents driving a van while he was in his teens; he was treated well and then trained to be an assassin.

After 16 years working for the secret government, he left its employ. He currently operates Ways of the Wild Institute located in Vermont's Green Mountains in the hamlet of Starksboro.

"Today I teach natural skills, personal medicine powers, awareness of the Earth's ways to bring a richer quality of life to all who wish to return to the way of the wild," he said.

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