Gibson lists priorities

Taxes, excessive regulations and health care costs are the main obstacles Gibson said, adding that his constituents can expect him to seek solutions to those issues.

He said he's already co-sponsored several bills to boost the nation's business environment.

One of those bills would repeal the 1099 requirement included in last year's health care bill that requires small businesses to submit a 1099 form for vendors that are paid $600 or more.

"For many business owners, this is an onerous regulatory requirement," Gibson said.

Another measure he's supporting, the 'Rein In Act' bill, requires that any proposed federal regulation or policy that has an impact of $100 million or greater annual impact on the economy, would have to be endorsed beforehand by Congress for a vote.

"I think it's very important for accountability in the democratic process here. Over time, we've had agencies that gained authority and power and implemented rules that adversely impacted small business and stifled job creation," Gibson said.

Also high on his agenda is his plan to repeal and replace the health care bill, consistent with pledges he made throughout his campaign.

"That bill has adverse impacts all the way across the spectrum - We're already seeing higher premiums, higher taxes, more regulation and more big government at a time we should be consolidating federal government," Gibson said, noting that the legislators should instead pursue a bill on insurance and tort reform.

Gibson added he'd also support a bill that would allow gun owners to move their weapon across state lines, something he said he thinks is important for personal freedom.

He will be serving on agriculture and armed forces committees. One of his primary goals, he said, would be to bring a conclusion to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an effort he said the country is on track to complete.

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