An examination of Withered Remains

PLATTSBURGH - There's been an evolution of Withered Remains, but it's one members of the progressive black metal band feel has reached its destination.

The band was founded in May 2009 by guitarist and vocalist Zac Haab, bassist Brandon Agnew and drummer Cole Martin.

"I had been talking to Brandon about starting a black metal band for months, when Cole approached us about jamming," said Haab.

And, just as informal as the band's formation, so was its name.

"The name was kind of a spur of the moment thing," said Haab. "We were originally 'Weathered Remains,' because I wanted the name to reflect some sort of ancient, decrepit feel, to fit the atmosphere of the music, but we changed it to Withered Remains because it had a better ring to it."

Originally, the band recruited vocalist Nick Banker and guitarist Nick Rheume. The band decided to go their separate ways with Banker after it was decided he was not the type of vocalist the band was looking for, said Haab, and Rheume eventually left citing creative differences. Guitarist Tom Wheelock was recruited into the mix, replacing Rheume shortly afterward. Agnew most recently left the band, being replaced by bassist Jon Bradley.

With its new line-up, the band has begun working on new material and rewriting some of its old pieces, playing on its "mesh of influences," said Haab.

"We are going for an atmospheric, progressive black metal sound, influenced by Burzum, Emperor and Krallice, among hundreds of other bands that we all listen to, no matter what genre," he said. "I think that people are attracted to our sound because I find the droning guitar harmonies and the melancholy atmosphere of our music to be almost entrancing."

"It's a very unique sound that we have, especially in the local community," he added.

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