Ambulance response concerns ignite controversy in Thurman

Wood said Sunday that Thurman townspeople have spoken out against bankrolling local paid staffing, and she and he board have been wary of the Thurman squad's shifting proposals and funding requests. Desourdy countered the offers were merely modified to meet the public's and board's changing expectations.

However, on Sunday a potential solution gained traction.

Both Wood and Desourdy said they'd be interested in an arrangement proposed by some town residents - that the Thurman squad members could handle initial emergency response, pick up and stabilize patients with basic life support treatment, carry them into Warrensburg, where they'd pick up a certified ALS technician, if needed, on the way to Glens Falls Hospital.

Such a response arrangement, Desourdy said, would keep costs low while providing the fastest response times, which are critical in many urgent medical situations.

Both Desourdy and Wood said Sunday they'd like to resolve the outstanding funding and certification issues, and resume the local emergency response service.

The two said they'd like to meet to solve the obstacles to signing a contract. Wood said she and the board would likely be agreeable to a deal if the Thurman squad could provide service at a reasonable rate with reliability.

"Public safety is a huge concern for us - we want to make sure we are taking the best care of our citizens as we can, but at the same time, we must be fiscally responsible," the new supervisor said. "I campaigned on keeping emergency services local, and I certainly do want to do that if we can - but we have to be confident going into it that they'll be providing the services we contract for.'

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