The Accessibility Project' needs your photographs

"I believe in the power of kids and that's why I think kids will help us in this endeavor probably more than anybody else in getting adults to understand the problem. We're going to kind of play off of Sting's old song, 'Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make,'" Buell said.

Buell is also gathering similar information in Albany and New York City to show the problem is statewide.

"We have math geniuses at MIT, some friends of mine that have come up with a formula, an algorithm, where they can take a small city, a mid-size city and a big city and put this all together and come up with a pretty accurate picture of how accessibility is in New York State," she explained. "In three to five years from now, we'll have a picture and I think it's going to be a sad picture."

The information gathered will also help those who aren't disabled.

"Universal accessibility is good for everybody," said Buell. "Moms with strollers, they have the same issues that people in wheelchairs have. If you've got a stroller and you've got one or two kids in it and you're trying to go down the street and you've got a six-inch or a four-inch [curb], it doesn't feel safe. Moms will do it, but they have to lift a lot or go backwards down it so the baby doesn't get jostled too much."

Buell said she is hoping businesses will also step up to make their stores and offices more accessible.

"There is a lot of money out there and they would be adding customers to their business," she said.

To help The Accessibility Project, contact Buell at 632-4549 or 335-2720, or Andrew Pulrang at NCCI at 563-9058.

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