Self defense serves dual purpose

PLATTSBURGH - David Boise, owner of Villari's Self Defense Center in Plattsburgh, has found there are a variety of reasons people turn towards martial arts.

"Even though they say they want health and fitness, deep down inside we all go into martial arts for security," he explained. "Traditionally martial arts was designed for health and fitness and then it leaned toward self defense."

The Association for Women's Self Defense Advancement brings light to some startling statistics - Every day four women are killed by abusive partners; one in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime; and a woman is raped every 46 seconds.

With statistics such as these, it's even more important for women to learn self defense.

"Basically we work on gross motor skills," Boise said. "Gross motor skills ... are the first thing that lead you to a real self defense situation. There's a lot of psychological components to it."

However, Boise has also seen the health benefits of learning self defense.

"I lost 55 pounds my first year," he said. "It works the body naturally. Not using weights."

"Now the big thing in fitness is using your own body," Boise added. "It's a combination of things - mental, physical, spiritually, finding your center."

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