Nice people aren't always good people and good people aren't always nice

Just about everyone knows someone who is honest, dependable, hard working, and trust worthy but sometimes not very pleasant.

Some of the farmers I worked for early in life are good examples of people that you could trust but wouldn't smile and shake your hand every time they saw you. When you messed up, they got in your face and told you about it and often, not in words that your mother ever told you about. In hindsight I believe they weren't just mad at you for messing up, they were mad at you for holding up the work. If you broke the bailer or only available tractor as the sun and drying wind was making the hay ready for bailing, you could really be in some trouble.

There was an obvious cause-and-effect relationship between their anger and current events; you knew exactly why they were angry. Their generosity and kindness was also predictable most of the time. Sometimes loading hay into the evening, we all went swimming later to relieve ourselves of the hay chaff accumulated around our sweaty necks, arms and faces. They gave us cold soda and bought us hotdogs, French fries and hamburgers after a long day in the hay field. You couldn't "smooze" these guys, they judged you on your work and it didn't matter who you knew or how important you thought you were.

There was a fidelity to the work and they demanded that you gave it your all most of the time. For the most part, these were not boastful men, but they modeled hard work, reliability, humility and honesty, highly desirable traits in anyone's estimation. I suspect that in today's politically correct world, their sometimes, loud and angry outbursts might cause some to conclude that they were not nice people. In my opinion, they would be wrong.

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