High-tech farrier coming to Addison

MIDDLEBURY - The Vermont Farriers Association has moved into the digital age. Horse farriers use computers, too, and as a result a special clinic has been announced; clinician will be Bob Pethick, a Certified Journeyman Farrier of Bedminster Forge, N.J.

Pethick will be using his many years of experience to help Addison County equine workers how to evaluate and shoe horses better as well as using the ONTRACK Equine Software.

The clinic date will be Saturday, March 26, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. The location this year will be the Eddy Farm School, 1815 South Street Extension in Middlebury.

Using digital video and stills when assessing the condition and movement of horses has grown in recent years. However equine professionals were still limited by what they could do with digital media.

There was the additional need for a practical way to review, document and report this information.

ONTRACK Equine software breaks those limits. Designed for use in veterinary, farriery and training practices, ONTRACK software utilizes video and digital stills with easy-to-use measuring and reporting tools for use when studying gait, lameness, shoeing and equine sports performance.

Pethick will take digital pictures and videos in the morning, discuss what is seen in the horses and discuss any changes in shoeing then the horses will be shod.

Horses will be re-photographed and video recorded, Pethick will then compile the information using power point for digital pictures and ONTRACK for gait analysis for an afternoon presentation.

Any horse owners, veterinarians, trainers or other members of the horse community are welcome to attend this clinic as well as farriers and other hoof care professionals.

There are four spots open for horses at a cost of $200 for evaluation and shoeing which includes one regular clinic participant. There are 8 spots open for hands-on working farriers at $125 each

For more information and a registration form contact Diane Saunders (802) 453-3750 or dlsqtrhs@gmavt.net.

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