Government making (in)equality pay

Not having been invited to the Commission's meetings, I have no insight into their deliberations, but I'd bet that they include two elements. One is the aforesaid flight-of-the-rich syndrome, whereby the evil and selfish exercise their refusal-to-help-others, so that the Members have been forced to suppress their Progressive higher-level DNA wiring for socially engineered fairness and egalitarianism. They have been mugged by reality and dragged, gesticulating, vocalizing, and drapes-in-both-clenched-fists to a reduced-income-tax conclusion. The second element is the probable impact of a substantial sales tax boost on the cost-of-staying for Vermont's already-shrinking two middle-income quintiles. The Census data are instructive: for the 35-39 age cohort, the shrinkage from 2001 (47,375) to 2009 (37,222) works out to (don't test your grade-school math student on this) 10, 153 or 21 percent. Only the 50-and-above cohorts are growing, dare I say by in-migration and not by natural increase. This pattern was advised as policy by one of Vermont's early Gentry-Leftists, W. Douglas Burden, who advised that a desirable middle-class shrinkage could be accomplished by "making it too expensive for them to stay", and, I'd guess on the basis of observeable Golden Dome actions (not rhetoric), that remains the objective today. The imminent closure of Vermont Yankee offers the same opportunity to raise the cost of staying, except that here too Guv-81 is beginning to make some "mugged-by-reality" comments abjuring the very same license-renewal denial he quite recently advocated. In contrast, he hasn't yet (and doubtless won't, having just signaled a substantial sales tax increase) addressed the revenue loss Montpelier experiences when its defiantly frugal citizens cross the border to no-sales-tax New Hampshire or lower-sales-tax New York to purchase and import products back into a state that professes to pursue perfect equality, except that the rich should pay not just proportionately more, but super-proportionately more through the aptly labeled Progressive income tax.

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