Keeseville 1-16-11

Another quiet week here in Keeseville which really isn't a bad thing. It just means you have to put up with my philosophical musings. Now I'm going through a tremendous amount of change in my life right now and it's actually turning into a very good thing and it has made me take many things into consideration, my choice of residence being one of them. All in all as I've mentioned here many times I am very happy with my decision to move to Keeseville. Honestly other than the lack of a Chinese restaurant I can find all I need within walking distance of my house. We have great restaurants, a phenomenal grocery store and Arnolds, Family Dollar and Keeseville Pharmacy/Radio Shack for other basic needs, a wonderful hardware store, a video store and truly incredible library for entertainment.

But our community goes way beyond just this. We have numerous active Churches of various denominations which are quite active in the community. The Chesterfield Rod and Gun Club is very active. Ausable Chasm is in our neighborhood. We have a very active Boys Scout Troop here. A community garden contest as well as other annual community events. There really is plenty to do here all within walking distance if we just take the time to notice them and get involved with them.

As should be known I welcome and encourage all local organizations to keep me posted at on the above email and I will report any and all community events right here in my column gladly. I'm very proud of my adopted home town.

So if you have never ventured out that much now is a great time to do it. Explore our wonderful stores before getting in the car and heading into Plattsburgh or elsewhere. Visit our library and be prepared to be truly amazed at all the wonderful offerings that little building and its great staff has to offer. Every time I go in I still encounter something I had no idea was available there before hand.

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