Governor outlines plan for New York

ALBANY - Only a few days in office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed to cut state agencies by 20 percent, enact a state worker pay freeze, pursue ways to reduce costly state mandates on local government, and to redesign Medicaid, which now represents about half the cost of county government expenditures in New York State.

Cuomo's passionate State of the State speech delivered Jan. 5 - which included a bleak description of its problems - was interrupted often by applause as he outlined steps to lead New York out of its multi-billion-dollar budget gap.

The plan called for imposing a one-year salary freeze on a large portion of public employees, capping state taxes, and imposing a state spending cap at the rate of inflation.

Cuomo said he would establish a new Spending & Government Efficiency Commission to make state government more efficient, including reducing the number of agencies, authorities, and commissions by one-fifth. The commission must submit a right-sizing plan by May 1.

He also called for the creation of a new Medicaid Redesign Team to find ways to save money within the Medicaid program, based on the approach used in Wisconsin, where Medicaid costs were reduced by $625 million or about 10 percent. The team is to begin work by Jan. 7, and must submit its initial recommendations to Cuomo by March 1.

Cuomo also proposed to attack the quagmire of costly unfunded mandates that are imposed on local governments.

He said a Mandate Relief Redesign Team would be formed to identify reducing ineffective or unnecessary mandates that now present a burden on local taxpayers. The team will include representatives from private industry.

He also pledged to reward local governments that save money by downsizing or consolidation through the award of grants for mergers or dissolutions.

Observing that New York State ranks first in the nation in spending on education yet ranks 34th in results, Cuomo proposed reserving a portion of state aid for performance-based grants that reward districts for boosting pupil performance or for reductions in expenses.

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