Governor outlines plan for New York. Local supervisors optimistic

Moses thinks Cuomo's plans to revamp Medicaid are good.

"We are the gravy state of the Union," she said. "I am all for helping people. Unfortunately, I see way too much abuse of the system and instead of helping it seems to be a dependency program. I wish the governor well in bringing this very expensive program under control."

Moses also likes Cuomo's comments on education and his plans to reward high-achieving schools.

"It is also long overdue to make school administration and teachers accountable," she said. "We are fortunate, here in Schroon Lake and Ticonderoga especially, where we do have great performance as exhibited by the awards we have recently received - just sorry we couldn't have received some of the funds now being set up to reward that performance. It certainly looks like we will be in line to receive some of the new proposed funding.

"In my opinion, it is not just the schools though," Moses said. "Every entity should be held accountable for their paycheck. In these times, especially, we need to be giving 150 percent. We need to get back to some of the old ethics we were brought up on - like an honest day's work for an honest day's pay."

The Schroon supervisor took note of Cuomo's emphasis on ethics.

"To me a person of his word is the one I will respect," she said. "I try very hard not to make promises I cannot keep and state that repeatedly. Too many politicians are making promises only to find out that they are unable to keep them. That makes all of us look bad. They need to think and research before they speak. There's way too much back-peddling going on."

A brief passage in the speech concerned Scozzafava. Cuomo noted employment should not be a consideration in decisions on keeping prisons open.

A year ago the state budget proposal called for closing the Moriah Shock Prison in Mineville. That would have cost the community more than 100 jobs, but the proposal was eventually eliminated from budget plans.

"I got a little nervous when I heard those comments," Scozzafava said. "But we made our case last year, so I don't foresee that happening again."

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