Governor outlines plan for New York. Local supervisors optimistic

"The value of your property isn't relevant to highway use," he said. "Money for roads should come from related items."

He suggested a dedicated tax on motor vehicle registration fees, tires, car sales and gasoline.

Ticonderoga Supervisor Deb Malaney said Cuomo's plan includes some painful, but necessary, cuts along with opportunities.

"Now we know the plan," she said. "It includes extreme belt tightening combined with growth opportunities.

"Gov. Cuomo is telling us all to step up to the plate and he is providing some tools for us to carve out a new, more efficient future," Malaney said. "The creation of Regional Economic Development Councils focusing on job creation offers a great opportunity. He also stated commitment to tourism as an economic engine, and it certainly is for us. I would expect to see regional benefits in this area since we have the key elements of history, natural resources, scenic beauty.

"Another area of optimism and potential for sustainable local business creation is the governor's commitment to providing fresh foods into urban markets and beyond," she added. "We have an opportunity to capitalize on the growing trend of demand for locally-grown food in urban and rural areas that lack healthy food options. We have miles of agricultural land in the fertile Champlain Valley that once was and could be again a major source of produce and meat. Creation of the Share NY Food with Community program in tandem with the new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs which are direct partnerships between farmers and consumers, I believe has great potential for numerous, sustainable small businesses."

Malaney also likes Cuomo's property tax cap proposal.

"The property tax cap is an important tax relief measure for all of us, however, it also poses serious concerns for municipalities," she said. "Gov. Cuomo has proposed a 2 percent cap; one of the two exceptions for exceeding the cap will be extraordinary capital expenditures; let's hope the mandated Gooseneck water project qualifies for this. Time and more clarification will tell.

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