Athol-Thurman 1-16-11

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Nick May on Jan. 15; to Matt Pasco, Lillian Hayes, Steve Smith, Meredith Sonley, Joy Baker and Harold Corlew all on Jan. 16; to Anna Lucia on Jan. 17; to Lewie Gallup Jr. on Jan. 18; to Daniel Vanselous on Jan. 10; to Will Hill Jr. on Jan. 20; and to Curtis Tyler, Keith Sonley and Christopher Robinson on Jan. 21.

Guests over the Christmas holidays at Joan and Jim Murphy's home in the Glen, Hill Cottage Rd., were their daughters Joann Zwerger and Jill Keuhner and their husbands Bill Zwerger and Kevin Keuhner and the Murphys' son John. Accompanying were the Zwergers' two daughters and John Murphy's wife Michele Murphy and their family of Loon Lake.

Get Well wishes are out to Carol Hall, Brenda Webster, Ed Binders, Joe Mosher and Luke Beadnell.

Cheryl Kenyon of Bear Pond Road returned home for Christmas after spending 10 days with her son and family in Roseville, Calif. She enjoyed spending time with Marc Jr. and Jeana, and playing with 3-year-old Gibson and 17-month-old Lauren.

Brandon Beadnell spent the Christmastime holidays in Thurman with his dad, Luke and fianc e Jenny on River Road, and while here Brandon went skiing for the first time - the trip was to Ridin' Hy ski hill. His cousin three-year-old Colton also came and spent a play day, plus he had fun at his grandparents, Nancy and Terry Beadnell's, before returning to his home in Livermore, Maine on New Year's Eve.

Over the fence

Share your memories - what was it like to live in Thurman in your day? Were things the same as today? Jot down a few notes for the John Thurman Historical Society, or better yet write a short story and send it to: PO Box 7, Athol, NY or call 623-2007. Did you learn about the world in a one-room schoolhouse where spankings were given? Did all the kids drink from the same water pail and use the same dipper? Did you walk to school? Did you wear tire patches on your winter boots? Did you walk on snowshoes to visit your neighbor in the winter months? Please share your memories!

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