Hey, lady, it's time to hibernate, soak the carcass

Note to lady who wrote me on Facebook:

I always treat January as a hibernatory, reflective, in-looking month. It's about slowing my heartbeat and projecting positive thoughts on the future. Of course, I try to do that every day, but, with January being cold, dark, and for me slow regarding travel and shows, it's a perfect month to soak the carcass, stoke the stove, trim the toe-nails, smoke a cigar, and smile as much as I can ... if only to set the tone for the rest of the New Year. So! Time to boil water (Ma got me two great tea cups and saucers, normal sized ones, not big, very delicate, over sizing is so 2000s) and make some mint tea. Add a bit of honey, and get some work done, in that order, and maybe take a break and find something in the house to take to the give-away bin at the dump.

Hope you're doing well, even though we don't really know each other.

Note to my buddy, a former roommate from my NYC days, after he'd visited this for a couple days just before Christmas:

Well, the tree is down, man. Took er down yesterday. The thing is, we put it up the 18th, you came, Holly came, Christmas and New Years came, and BANG, it's as if it all never happened. Think of a way to slow time and you're richer than Bill Gates. So strange. I think when we're young we don't care about things passing fast, they just pass and we let em, we just let them pass. Now we're older and we want recently passed moments to stay with us, and be fresh every time we think about them. So really time doesn't go by faster, we just want to hold on to more of it. SOME PHILOSOPHICAL STUFF, HUH - I look at where the tree was and it's as if it never was

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