Denton Publications: working even harder for our readers

Keith Lobdell, has rejoined the team after spending several years as editor of the Whitehall Times, part of the Manchester Newspaper Group. In the short time Keith has been back at the helm of the Valley News we've seen a sharp increase in story count and improved sports coverage. Keith's impact on the northern papers has made quite an impression on how to crank out news copy and cover a wide region.

Joining Lobdell in our northern group is Jeremiah Papineau, Sarah Cronk, and Chris Morris. Rounding out our news team to the south are 30-plus year veterans Fred Herbst, Thom Randall, and Lindsay Yandon and photographer Nancy Frasier.

While most major newspapers are reducing staff and tightening their news coverage, at the same time they are losing subscribers and increasing the amount they charge for the new.

At Denton we believe, with the continued support of the business community, we can increase employment and our news coverage while providing, free delivery of the local news both in print and online.

The major difference between our approach and that of the major dailies in the area revolves around ownership. We are locally owned and managed versus corporately owned by entities who have little or no roots to the community and whose first priority must be to their out-of-town shareholders not their local readers, advertisers or employees.

These are difficult times we are all going through and more and more it's becoming a Goliath world, with small mom-and-pop local businesses giving way to large corporate chains. Our goal here at Denton Publications is to remain strong, serve our communities and continue the tradition of a free press here in the North Country.

Dan Alexander is the owner and publisher of Denton Publications. He can be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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