Three different spring breaks for tri-lakes schools

Others, like Mike Ryan of Saranac Lake, claimed that studies have shown there's a negligible difference between one week and two week vacations.

"Testing has shown that over the course of either a two or three week vacation, the learning loss is virtually eliminated," he said. "There were no indications that a two-week vacation is detrimental to the learning of our children."

At the time, Saranac Lake Superintendent Jerry Goldman said he supported breaking up the vacation, noting that being away from any activity for an extended period of time is counterproductive.

"It just doesn't seem to me, on any level, to be very debatable that when you're away from something for a length period of time - whether it's practicing how to parallel park, or how to bunt, or how to throw a football, or how to do quadratic equations - the longer you're away from it, the more difficult it is to get back to it," he said.

Ultimately, the school board and the administration opted to stick with the status quo.

Goldman says the separate calendars could negatively affect students and faculty at the BOCES-operated Adirondack Educational Center in Saranac Lake.

"Their goal is to get us on a consistent calendar," he said. "That way their calendar looks like our calendar. If you think of it from a logical standpoint, if all three districts have a different calendar and they try to follow all three, their staff is going to end up working many more days than they would otherwise have to."

Stephen Shafer is district superintendent for Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES. He explains that high school juniors and seniors attending the Adirondack Educational Center spend a half-day at the campus and take classes in career and technical education programs, like cosmetology.

In the face of three different schedules, Shafer says BOCES has done its best to make accommodations.

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