Lie Captive hits stage this Saturday at Olive Ridley's

PLATTSBURGH - Lie Captive's sound has always been hard to describe, if you ask the band's drummer, Joe Cross.

"The closest label we have been able to come up with collectively is 'Progressive Post-Hardcore with a tinge of technical Metallic Hardcore flavor,'" said Cross.

Cross and his fellow bandmates - bassist and vocalist Tyler Oliver and guitarist and vocalist Chris Parmelee - all listen to a variety of music, like bands A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, and Hot Water Music. That range in taste is something that Cross said can be heard when they play.

"We don't really actively seek to emulate any one band. I feel like this shows in our songs," said Cross. "We are all just huge music enthusiasts and in general, like whatever is done well with quality and heart in mind."

The closest definition of their style of music, said Cross, is a brand of punk/hardcore, which is what he said sets them apart from other bands in the area.

"That does make us stand out in some way, but I think it's mostly our live shows that keeps people coming out," said Cross. "We try to play our music in a precise [way] while striving to maintain as much raw power, emotion and volume as humanly possible."

Lie Captive has thrived in live performances since the band formed last May, connecting with crowds in smaller venues like the Coffee Camp, formerly on Margaret Street. Live shows put the band in touch with the "great variety of people in the Plattsburgh area," said Cross, and keeps them in tune with the independent/underground music scene in the city.

"I would like to think we know how to relate to people on a real, very conversational level and we try to do that as much as possible during and after our sets," said Cross. "It's important to create a sense and belonging with the people that enjoy your music and it's something we take very seriously, on the road and at home."

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