Keeseville 1-8-11

Happy New Year everyone. Time to not look back at the past (unless to learn from it) but to look forward to new possibilities and opportunities. I am a huge music nut and I recently found a quote by a singer of a band I like a lot, Annette Olsen of Nightwish, that really sums up my take on life nicely, "Live your life fully - love, laugh and cry with all your heart, life doesn't last for ever."

The year is starting out quietly for our community, maybe we're bracing for all the snow that seems to be hitting everybody else. The recent community newsletter sent out had some great tips of conserving water as well as how to stop the loss of water through leaks. Definitely worth checking out and applying to our homes.

I just found out that the Keeseville Free Library has a Wii system and big screen Television down in the basement for patrons to use. I am so frustrated that I cannot walk like I am use to doing in the area. Between the cold and early darkness I just cannot find the time. I have been making use of my Wii to keep from getting static during the winter. It is a lot of fun and a great form of exercise when there are no other options. Check it out if you never have as it really can be a lot of fun for all ages. As a reminder the Library's winter hours are Monday 1 to 7, Tuesday and Wednesday 10 to noon and then 1 to 7, closed Thursdays and Sundays, Friday 1 to 5, and Saturdays 9 to 3. If you are more interested in exercising your brain, don't forget the library does have the top ten best sellers for sign out. Enjoy.

Finally, I was given the pleasant surprise of a stranger driving by while my son and I were shoveling, and he very kindly used his truck to give a quick plow saving us a lot of hardship. I thank you and this is exactly why I live here...where things like this really do happen. Have a great week everybody.

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