Country or city?

Currently, the benefits of exposure to natural surroundings are at the center of numerous scientific studies, and the majority of the research indicates that forested hills, stillwater lakes and raging rivers are much better for the human mind, than towering buildings and long strips malls of urbanite.

Growing evidence may finally provide an answer to the age-old question, "Are country folk really smarter than city folk?"

It is a fact that our wild lands, free-flowing rivers and mountains rank among the region's greatest economic assets. If the Adirondacks were covered by a gigantic paved parking lot, and surrounded by towering towers of concrete, the area would lose its appeal.

The reason visitors are willing to spend five or six hours traveling to the Adirondacks is to escape, to 'vacate' their typical surroundings. They come to our region to relax, recharge and recreate while seeking opportunities for the renewal of mind, body and soul.

It's nothing new. They've been coming this way for years, with the main charge beginning shortly after the Civil War. Fortunately, for our local economy, there appears to be very little let up, they just keep coming.

It makes me wonder, do city folk know something that we don't? What is it that keeps drawing them back? What do they find here that is so enticing? Am I missing something?

Current research may soon provide answers to these perplexing questions. In our increasingly technological society, studies indicate that forests, and other comparable natural surroundings allow us to reconnect to the natural world and to ourselves.

We are, after all, natural beings and such important processes as rejuvenation and restoration are best accomplished in natural surroundings. In the woods or on the waters, we have an opportunity to naturally recharge and refresh the innate nature of our being.

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