Turning Back the Pages 1-8-11

Priest nearly electrocuted

A Greek Catholic priest who had been the spiritual adviser of Cuylen Toth, who was electrocuted at the state prison in Trenton, New Jersey for murdering his young wife, narrowly escaped the fate that Toth suffered.

Toth was strapped to the chair and all was in readiness. The attendant was in the switch room with his hand on the lever. The priest held a crucifix to the condemned youth's lips. His body touched his. Seeing the peril of the priest, a keeper shouted to him and the clergyman leaped back just as the deadly current was turned on.

Winter entertainment

An "old folks dance" will be held at Music Hall and a grand good time will be had by one and all. Popular dance music to be played will be for a march, quadrille, waltz, two-step and a Virginia reel. Music for the waltz is, "Come Josephine in my flying machine," and for the quadrille is, "A box of monkeys."

Supper will be served next door at the Adirondack Hotel until 1 a.m. and the dance will close at 3 a.m. Admission is 25 cents. Every feature of the dance will satisfy the most critical patron. (Note...The Adirondack Hotel stood where Rite Aid is today and Music Hall stood on the corner across from Adirondack Avenue.)

Bridge got in the way

Leonard Harrington, 16, son of Edward Harrington, while coasting on Osborne Hill Saturday night with a pair of bobs, ran into the iron framework on one side of the Osborne Bridge and striking his knee on a projecting rail split the knee pan (kneecap). He was able to walk to his home on Herrick Avenue, but when he reached the house his knee was greatly swollen and caused him excruciating pain. Dr. Goodman was summoned and was obliged to give the boy a hypodermic injection of morphine to relieve his agony after which he was taken to Glens Falls Hospital.

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