Village to consider updating old comprehensive plan

"My suggestion would be to do the process and do the process right this time," he said. "Let's update the existing master plan and involve this board and anyone who has to by law vote on and accept it from the get go. Listen to our concerns and listen to our comments. Take them for what they are - as the comments of the people who elected to fairly and equally represent the people of this village."

Trustee Allie Pelletieri said that because the town of Harrietstown is no longer interested in pursuing a joint plan, any and all references to the town should be cut from the discussion.

"Since the town is not involved, that's a major issue with the whole plan," he said. "There's also many things that have already been done - water meters for example. There were many things in the plan that were someone's ideas or theories - words like 'appropriate' - that doesn't belong because what's appropriate to some may not be appropriate for all."

Pelletieri says the village should use the 1989 plan as a base going forward. He says what works should be left in - while what doesn't work should be removed.

Trustee John McEneany says he's still reviewing the draft plan.

"It's extremely important that somebody goes through these documents line-by-line and leave as little open for interpretation as possible, because that's what gets you in trouble," he said. "I don't feel at this time that I can support this resolution as I am not done reviewing and altering the document as it sits now."

During public comment, Ray Scollin said the village needs to get the plan right in order to reflect the general public, noting that a relatively small cross-section of village residents participated in drafting the plan.

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