Warrensburg Town Court report

• The case of Colson N. Powell, 21, of River St., Warrensburg, was adjourned to March 2. He is charged with the Misdemeanor of choking another person. Police said he choked his girlfriend at about 2 a.m. Feb. 1, rendering her unable to breath and talk.

He's also charged with a Misdemeanor of Criminal Mischief for throwing her cell phone against the wall. The woman told police that two days earlier, she had been riding in the car with Colson, and she asked for one cigarette then another, after which he punched her in her face. She told police days later she didn't report it to authorities because she didn't think he would do it again.

Following the incident in the car, she described the situation on Facebook, arguing with him on the social website whether he had punched and injured her, or merely pushed her in the face over bothering him for cigarettes, which is what he later told police. She told police the Facebook argument prompted her boyfriend to come home angry on Feb. 1. She said in a statement Powell jumped on her in bed, choked her, and later pushed her into a baby swing and television, and that she was worried because her baby was present in the room. They both admitted throwing each others' cell phones against the wall. He told police that he didn't choke her.

• Anthony R. Lambert, 25, of Rocky Ridge, Warrensburg, pled Guilty to Possession of Marijuana, based on an incident at 10:50 p.m. Jan. 28 following a traffic stop on state Rte. 9 for an inadequate muffler. At that time, Lambert possessed a smoking pipe and Baggie, both containing marijuana. Lambert was sentenced to a fine and surcharge totaling $225.

• Vincent J. Rathbun, 41, of Lake George, admitted to Violation of Probation, based on convictions last year of Aggravated DWI, Criminal Mischief and Harassment when he kicked a police officer and attempted to kick out a police car window while he was being transported to a station. Rathbun was resentenced to 6 months in jail.

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