Supers to state: don't make us the bad guys

Members of the committee brought up the need for state mandate reform, stating that the state would need to change programs in order for county and local governments to comply with new standards.

"When you look at the mandate relief committee, it's not a group that you would put together just for the sake of getting something done,"Bill Farber, chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors, said. "It's a group that you put together to vete issues and to try and find out where there is room to make changes and where there isn't.

"We don't want to cap taxes, we want to cut them," Farber continued. "What you need is the mandate relief to accompany that."

Other supervisors asked why other taxes were not looking to be capped.

"With the increase on fuel, we are starting to have hardships in the North Country not only with gas but with fuel oil," Samuel Trombley, a member of the Clinton County legislature, said. "Why are we not talking about a fuel tax cap?"

Vescio told those at the meeting that this was the time to let their voices be heard.

"This is the chance to put all of the ideas out on the table," vescio said. "We are trying to bring a strong voice to the mandate relief council. Property tax relief cannot happen without mandate reform, so please keep the ideas coming."

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