Keeseville 2-26-11

I want to thank the Christian Women for putting on another great meal this past week on Thursday. I saw a sign advertising this event with dates for March and April so I will make a point of getting the information so I can be a little more proactive in this column about it.

I found that this has been an exciting week nature-wise. I have seen plenty of animals about as they are looking for food, deer, turkeys, fox and several more. Again it was a very conscious thought that brought me to live in Keeseville and such sights as this justify my decision. I want to urge people to be cautious as animals are more extended now as they are looking for food as their normal sources are quite buried right now. Unless an animal is hurt or protecting young, they are more afraid of us than we are of them and will avoid us and run away if given the chance. Now is a great time to put out food to help them, just remember that we can't pick the recipients of our generosity, skunks and such are always a possibility.

For those who want to stay a safe distance yet still admire the local wildlife, I have seen some great illustrations for sale by local artist Speedy Arnold at his convenience store.

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