Feeling SAD? Put a little Vitamin D in your day

Fiske added liquid vitamins are a better form of vitamin consumption, despite a shorter shelf life. As a nutritionist and health advocate, Fiske admitted he is no expert on the amount of vitamin D one should take, noting the large amount of divergent data, and research which doesn't take into account differing geographical locations.

"None of the research [breaks] down geographic location, which to me is one of the biggest factors in the whole thing - there's nothing out there that I can find that says stuff like that."

In response to customer inquiries, Fiske has done research to answer questions, but has found a lot of conflicting information.

"Some researchers say we should take up to 1,000 [units of vitamin D] a day, while some say as much as 4,000," he said.

One thing Fiske's research has found however, is most researchers agree vitamin D is beneficial.

"There are benefits for dental health, depression, and all kinds of things," he said. "It seems like everybody says we need to take vitamin D."

Fran Anderson of Premiere Tan & Body Center in Plattsburgh noticed a similarity.

"Isee a lot of customers that come in for seasonal depression," Anderson said.

Additionally, she said exposure to ultraviolet light helps "with vitamin D, depression, and skin disorders."

Ironically, Anderson does not utilize the tanning facilities she runs.

"My doctor told me my vitamin D was low," she said. "The first thing he asked was 'Don't you ever get in those beds of yours?'"

Like most therapeutic treatment avenues, Anderson stressed customers "use caution," but also acknowledged "everything has its plusses and minuses."

Individuals should always consult their doctor before taking supplements, or tanning for the first time. For more information call Anderson at 561-3127, Fiske at 324-6996, or visit premieretan.org or www.nutrishopusa.com.

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