Police chase drug car down Route 7

Vermont State Police troopers, Rutland City Police officers, and deputies of the Rutland County Sheriff's Department joined forces to stop a driver of a speeding Buick Lucerne rental luxury car through the streets of Clarendon.

The man was arrested by a VSP K-9 team late in the day Feb. 16. Police have not released his name. He was apprehended at a house on Meadowcrest Drive in Clarendon.

An undisclosed amount of marijuana, heroin and over $1,000 in cash was found in the rental car. The man apparently stayed at a room in the nearby Holiday Inn and was not a local resident.

The highway chase occurred Feb. 16 at approximately 12:30 p.m. The incident caused an accident on Route 7 and affected traffic for approximately two and quarter hours

The combined police force assembled at the intersection of U.S. Route 7 and Vermont Route 103 at about 12:30 p.m. with weapons drawn.

The chase started after the male driver sped away from Rutland police officer Rutland Sgt. John Johnson who stopped the Buick for a routine vehicle check. The car had been rented at a Rutland car agency but later reported missing.

The man eventually crashed his car after speeding south on Rutland's Main Street. He drove onto the median, left the car running, and fled west into the nearby woods.

VSPtroopers said the man is using a false name. In the meantime, the driver's fingerprints were dusted on the vehicle and a state and national computer check is underway at press time.

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