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Crowd at city hall for dog licensing

Following several arrests for violating the dog license ordinance, a large number of dog owners from Glens Falls made a raid on the City Clerk's office to purchase tags for their dogs. Two persons have previously been sent to jail for five days while others have paid fines of $5 for not obeying the dog licensing law.

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News roundabout

Patrick Daley, 17, of Glens Falls, has been committed to a sanitarium in Saratoga to be treated for insanity caused by fast growth. He is over six feet tall.

There is plenty of snow in Riverbank now and lumbermen are busy. Young people spend very enjoyable time on Saturdays coasting down a long hill near the Riverbank home of Effie Pratt. There are many cases of measles in Warrensburgh.

Frank Robbins and Wesley Morehouse are mining stone at Sodom to be used for the building of abutments of a bridge in Oregon (area in western Johnsburgh near Rte. 8). Six teams are doing the hauling. John Little, of Hague Mountain was in Johnsburgh Corners drawing logs for Arthur Perry. Eben J. Hitchcock of Bakers Mills went to Long Lake, Feb. 10, 1911, with a load of apples.

Mrs. Ann Lynn fell on the ice near her home in Olmstedville and broke her wrist. Her daughter, Mrs. John Clifford, is caring for her.

A son was born Saturday, Feb. 11, 1911 at the Richard Menshauson home in Corinth. The new mother was the former Miss Maude Dingman, formerly of Warrensburgh. The boy was given the name of Marvin Richard Menshauson and his great-grandfather is James O. Cameron.

Charles D. Wilsey, the two-year old son of Orson R. Wilsey, got hold of a cup which contained a small portion of kerosene left over from building a fire and drank it quite freely. Emetics were given and the little fellow suffered no serious consequences.

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