Ticonderoga close encounter leads to new UFO book

TICONDEROGA - Has Ticonderoga been visited by beings from another world?

Frank Soriano thinks so. In fact, he's had many UFO - unidentified flying object - encounters in the area.

"I have the proof," he said. "I have a videotape of a UFO over Ticonderoga. It was July 2, 1998, in broad daylight. You can see the steeple of St. Mary's Church in the frame; two oval objects moving in unison."

During the recording something happened. Soriano's movements suddenly got slower. Instead of running around the house to keep taping the object he went inside and left the camera on a table. Afterwards he and his wife, Miriam, couldn't remember what happened.

In the next eight days they didn't talk about the UFO sighting. On July 10, Soriano suddenly remembered about the video. He found the image that he had recorded.

The footage was analyzed by Dr. Bruce Maccabee and the report was published in Mutual UFO Network UFO Journal's January 1999 issue.

The video has been authenticated, Soriano said; "It blew the scientists away."

Meanwhile the Sorianos contacted alien abduction specialists Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey. On their second meeting Frank and Miriam were hypnotically regressed by Budd Hopkins to the sighting day. Frank recounted how he was taken to the alien aircraft. Miriam's regression showed that she had earlier alien abduction experiences as well.

The incident inspired Soriano, a retired New York State corrections officer, to write a book UFOs Above the Law along with co-author Jim Bouck. The book is being published by Schiffer Publications of Atglen, Pa., with a fall release planned.

UFOs Above the Law studies actual police reports involving UFOs around the world. It's conclusion - we are not alone.

"This book is the first of its kind," Soriano said. "When Icame out of the UFO closet, a lot of corrections officers admitted seeing UFOs."

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