Signals getting their message across this weekend

PLATTSBURGH - When one door closes, another one opens even in the music world.

The band Signals got together last April when Mullen's former band, "Tomorrow is the Day," called it quits. Mullen said he decided to start taking his music "in a different direction" on his own, and spent the following months writing and perfecting the music he wanted to play.

"It wasn't until probably November that we had gotten a full line-up together," said Mullen.

The original line-up consisted of vocalist Dave Collishaw, guitarist Tom Wheelock, bassist Nate Kienert, drummer Collin Reynolds, and Mullen on guitar and vocals. Guitarist Niles Gibb eventually replaced Wheelock who left and joined the band Withered Remains.

Signals - with shades of influence from the bands For the Fallen Dreams, Legend, and Caulfield - fits into the what many call the"deathcore" genre, though Mullen feels their sounds is more "hardcore."

"Although, it doesn't matter to us what people label it," said Mullen. "As long as people are enjoying the music then they can call it whatever they want."

The band's first performance was in December when they played Therapy Nightclub and Sports Lounge and was one Mullen described as "a lot of fun" and that "people were into." It gave them their first taste of what the local music scene is like, he said.

"I think the Plattsburgh people are great, the music scene around here is small, but the kids who are involved in it all seem to have their hearts in the right place, so with enough time and effort I really think it could flourish," said Mullen.

The band has only played a handful of shows outside Plattsburgh, with one venue Mullen said he really liked being Sounds Asylum in Middletown.

"Sounds Asylum is a great venue and the guys their genuinely put their hearts into giving the kids in the area a place to play," he said. "Any bands that are looking to travel a little and play an awesome venue should get in touch with them."

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