North Country SPCA 2-19-11

Are you having problems with pet hair showing up on your furniture, your clothes, your carpet, and even ... in your food? Our pets shed to a degree year-round, but as spring comes in a few months, you may see an increase in this pesky problem.

Marty Becker, a veterinarian who frequently presents on ABC News, provides some helpful solutions. You may have noticed that longer-haired dogs and cats seem to produce more fur than their short haired relatives. You may want to keep this in mind when considering adopting a new family member to your home. When grooming your pet, try to do so in a location that is fairly easy to clean up, such as your garage or yard. There are also several grooming tools that catch loose hair - including the undercoat - better than your standard brush. Check out the different models of the FURminator brush to address this issue. The Shed-Away Pet Grooming Attachment fits most vacuums and helps to suck up fur while you groom. The Pledge Fabric Sweeper consists of sheets that collect and stick to loose pet hair on furniture or clothes. Less expensive solutions include wiping furniture down with dryer sheets to reduce sticking, and rubbing a balloon over the furniture, which attracts hair by static electricity.

Our featured pet this week is lovely Tabby cat Missy, a Domestic Shorthair/mix. Missy is a sweet, inquisitive young lady who likes to know what is going on around her at all times. She loves a good cuddle, and will reward you with thundering purrs when you hold and pet her. Missy came to us de-clawed; she should not be allowed outdoors as she does not have defenses. This beautiful, affectionate girl will adapt to any household.

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