Gibson votes to identify, remove onerous regulations

"Now, the rules are often approved with little scrutiny," Gibson said.

Democrat Bill Owens, who represents New York's 23rd Congressional District, also voted for last week's resolution.

He says House committees should already be looking for overbearing regulations, noting that the recently-passed measure essentially reinforced that practice.

Owens says his staff is actively engaged in identifying regulations that aren't practical. For example, Congress was recently approached by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration about a new noise abatement regulation at manufacturing facilities.

"And we wrote to OSHA and said, 'give us the science behind this,'" Owens said. "If you're going to make a change like this that's going to increase cost, we want to know what the science is and we want to know what potential damage is being done to employees, and whether or not there's an alternative approach. OSHA then promptly withdrew the regulation."

Owens says that leads him to believe, unfortunately, that the regulation was costly and perhaps not even necessary.

Like Gibson, Owens is speaking out against the milk spill regulation for farmers. In fact, he co-signed a letter to the EPA opposing the measure.

Owens says he hasn't seen Gibson's bill that would require congressional approval for regulations resulting in more than a $100 million economic impact.

He said the House shouldn't micromanage federal agencies - but he says he'll look at the bill to determine whether or not it's appropriate.

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