E'town to India: Dare I say ... never say never?

Any short-term gain Denton Publications could make by pursuing an offshore production opportunity would be a short-lived gain. Unfortunately, the reality of this global economy is that competition will force us to be competitive with India, China, Korea and others, what were once thought of as, Third-World economies. Faced with this choice on our small local level, one has to wonder about the future of our small communities and how we'll compete on the world stage with countries far more ambitious and motivated. I, for one, never thought our ultra-local firm would face this choice.

With the average wage in India being approximately $15 a day, I have been forced to ask myself: Am I foolish to not consider this opportunity? Do I risk all of our jobs should our corporate competitors move in this direction? Is this a choice of greed, competition or just good business sense?

I'm unsure how to categorize it, but right now I know there is no way I'll consider sending work overseas At the same time, I learned long ago to never say never. I just hope this never ... never arrives.

Dan Alexander is publisher and owner of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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