Plan on some green technology for your home

Home Office

Working from home has steadily grown in popularity as technology has made it easier for employees to get their work done without having to head into the office. For homeowners who want to add a home office to their homes, it's easy to make that home office environmentally friendly.

Lighting fixtures are often a primary concern when designing a home office, in which men and women want to mirror the well-lit environment they're accustomed to at traditional office buildings. To illuminate the room in an effective and eco-friendly way, individuals can install LED lighting fixtures. Such fixtures have a long life expectancy and use far less energy than their incandescent counterparts.

Another way to go green at the home office without spending much money is to make room for some plants in the office. Plants will absorb toxins in the air and also improve the indoor air quality, which many office workers cite as a problem in traditional offices that don't place too great an emphasis on indoor air quality.

When going green, it's easy to assume technology will be detrimental to the environment.

However, advancements in eco-friendly technology have made it easier for homeowners to build their dream homes in eco-friendly ways.

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