Plan on some green technology for your home

Perhaps no decade has witnessed more rapid technological advancements than the opening decade of the 21st century. At the turn of the century, cellular phones had still yet to catch on universally, and few households had high-definition televisions. Ten years later, cell phones are so prevalent even many school-aged children have them, and rare is the household that has not embraced HDTV.

And technology has advanced in other areas as well. Among the more notable advancements is the increase in eco-friendly technologies. Homeowners hoping to make their homes more environmentally friendly have a host of options at their beck and call that enable them to do just that. No matter which area of the home needs to be addressed, chances are homeowners can find ways to improve their homes in an eco-friendly way.


Cost-conscious homeowners often love how eco-friendly carpeting options are typically lower in price. Recyclable carpets require few, if any, toxic materials to manufacture. What's more, homeowners who enjoy changing their home's decor from time to time will find eco-friendly carpet tiles are easy to install and subsequently replace when the itch to change a home's interior arises.

Building Materials

When building a dream home, homeowners also have a host of green building materials at their disposals. Be it mold-resistant drywall made from recycled paper or eco-friendly siding options, homeowners building their dream home or adding on to an existing home can choose eco-friendly building materials for both the interior and exterior of their homes.


An increasing percentage of homeowners prefer wood flooring over carpeting. Fortunately, there are several eco-friendly flooring options that use recycled and reliable wood from old buildings. In addition, homeowners can choose eco-friendly options like cork, rubber or even bamboo for their home's flooring.

But eco-friendly flooring is not necessarily limited to wood flooring. Recyclable linoleum flooring is also available, and these new products are typically far less toxic than the linoleum floors of yesteryear.

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