No shirt? No shorts? New media

Now we have another married U.S. congressman caught being stupid - contacting a single women on Craig's List and ultimately sending her a shirtless photo of himself. Now you can't really call this a sex scandal because there seems to have been no actual sex involved. But still, God Bless America - it's headline news!

You gotta be kidding, right?

When will Americans no longer be surprised and excited by moral missteps and sexual deviancy?When will such bland behavior cease being headline news?

I offered that question to two media personalities and one said, "It's news because he's a congressman."

Because he's a congressman, I'm to believe shady behavior is below him? Get a grip. My fellow Americans, because he's a congressman shady behavior should be expected.

The days when thinking doctors, lawyers, teachers, and politicians, lived to higher standards then the rest of us, as some say "ordinary" people, are long, long, gone my friends. Or should be anyway.

Serving detention in fifth grade, I'd look out the window and see my teachers, married male and married female, but not to each other, going two by two, together, chatting, flirting, giggling their way to the parking lot. I was ten and could smell the funk.

Cripes, on radio talk shows politicians openly describe their time at the statehouse as being very similar to high school.

Remember high school? There were smart kids, athletic kids, dumb kids, wise assed kids, rich kids, poor kids. There were every kind of kid regarding ability, personality and intelligence. Mostly everyone got along. You weren't all fast friends, and there were a few fights here and there, but you got through it. So it seemed.

And through it all, if you paid attention, there were a million stories being written within the school walls.

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