Couple provides new approach to medicine

Integrated medicine - it's a new term in health care that you'll be hearing a lot more about in the coming years. What is integrated medicine?

Meld scientific medical advances with the traditions of ancient healing systems and you get the cutting edge of integrated medicine - a means to increasing your longevity, maintaining your health, recovering from illness and surgery, to achieve balance and harmony in life.

Meet the husband-wide team of Nicholas "Nick" Cannon, D.C., and Dr. Emily Mahar Cannon, N.D., of Integrated Medicine on Route 7 in Middlebury.

Dr. Nick is a chiropractor and Dr. Emily is a naturopathic physician, similar to an osteopathic doctor.

Both healers have solid academic credentials in biology, conservation and ecology. They compliment each other in a variety of ways, but their over arching philosophy is to provide patients with the tools to enable them to live healthy lives. And those tools do not always require a pill.

What ties the professional couple together is two fold: Dr. Nick's practice, as a chiropractor, is on the physical side; Dr. Emily's practice is on the biochemical, endocrine side. Both are in the prevention and wellness business - their approach is to get patients well again and introduce them to a lifelong relationship with their bodies.

As Emily describes herself, a naturopath "sits on the fence" between alternative and conventional medicine. In Vermont, naturopathic physicians are licensed as primary care physicians.

Nick studied chiropractic medicine, but he defines himself not being your father's chiropractor. His expertise is learning about the health history of patients, make connections, and rehabilitating them they so can move on with their lives.

The two young healers moved to Middlebury from Maine a few years to open Integrated Medicine.

"Middlebury seemed like the ideal community for our approach," according to Nick.

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