North Country SPCA 2-12-11

If you are thinking about adopting a dog or cat for the first time, the NCSPCA has valuable information on their Web site, www.ncspca.org. There are many factors to take into consideration - your new family member is likely to be a part of your lives for well over a decade, so making the right choice for both you and your potential new pet is important.

Many people enjoy dogs' boundless enthusiasm for life, desire to play, intelligence, and childlike personalities. However, these same qualities mean that your dog will require a considerable amount of attention and care. Dogs generally must be taken outside for walks and potty breaks, bathed/groomed, receive ample attention, and may bark at times when you wish they would be silent. There are also fewer rental homes that will accept dogs. Add a puppy to the mix, and you have a whole new level of responsibility.

Cats are a good choice for first time pet owners, due to their independence and ability to entertain themselves without ongoing attention from their owners. They can be both affectionate and reserved. playful or lazy, dependent on their mood. But for a family seeking a more interactive pet, a dog may be a better choice. Kittens, like puppies, require a considerable amount of work and patience. And don't be surprised if you have some issues with furniture being clawed and small things becoming toys!

Our featured pet this week is Bear (listed as Bear II on our website). This beautiful Siberian Husky/mix is approximately 8-9 years old. He came to the shelter when his owner who could no longer care for him. Bear is an affable fellow who gets along well with other dogs and cats. This laid-back pooch enjoys the snow, winter weather and spending time outdoors as much as curling up on the couch. If you are seeking a big, beautiful dog with a gentle heart, Bear may be your new best friend.

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