House votes down three Patriot Act provisions

A retired Army colonel, Gibson says he has devoted his life to protecting America's freedoms, noting that as a member of the House Armed Services Committee he will continue to work "tirelessly" to neutralize the threat posed by groups like al Qaeda.

But Gibson notes that he's long been critical of the Patriot Act.

"I believe that in the process of defending our liberties, we should not step on them," he said.

According to Gibson, the legislation needs to be revised so that the rights of citizens are protected - specifically the rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.

"The executive branch must be checked, and I believe the provisions of this act must fall within the jurisdiction of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and the process for obtaining warrants should comply with the Constitution," Gibson said.

He adds that consolidating intelligence and defense agencies could also be beneficial.

"Doing more with less is a central mission of this Congress, and we are capable of a more effective national security at less cost," Gibson said.

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